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Hobby mechanic and retro/classic car and bike fan. I hope you like my projects.

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VW Golf Mk2 GTI 1992

The current project. A pretty good base that’s turning out to have been a half decent purchase.

VW Golf Mk2 GTI 1986

Reliving the first Mk2 Golf GTI I had in the late 90s, this one has a special and very story.

BMW e30 318i Lux 1993

What looked like a great car from day one, needed a fair amount of TLC below the sterling silver paintwork.

VW Beetle 1972

The swap. And what a story this one turned out. Fun little car.

Suzuki GS1000G 1980

The 1980 US import Suzuki GS underwent a bit of a transformation from ugly tourer to cool retro classic.

Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

Paul Simon

In these pages I have tried to document my projects over the past few years. I hope you like what you see, maybe you’ll be inspired to pick up the spanners. Or perhaps you just like old cars and bikes too.


My name isn’t Eddy or Peck for that matter, but that’s just the way things are so don’t let it bother you.

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